Buddy, Warpriest, Neutral Good, Worshiper of Desna, Oread, Medium Size, Male, 4’10’’, 198 lbs, Black hair, Pearls for eyes, Homeland: Unknown, Age: Unknown.

11 HP

15 Strength
11 Dexterity
14 Constitution
12 Intelligence
17 Wisdom
10 Charisma

20 ft (4 squares) Speed
4 Initiative
15 Armor Class
10 Touch Armor Class
15 Flat-Footed Armor Class
5 Acid Resistance

5 Fortitude
0 Reflex
5 Will

0 Base Attack Bonus
2 Combat Maneuver Bonus
12 Combat Maneuver Defense

7 Heal
7 Sense motive
7 Survival

Common, Terran, Celestial

“Walking Stick”
Attack Bonus 3
Critical x4
Type Piercing/Slashing
Damage 2d4 + 2

Scale Mail
Armor class bonus 5
Dex Bonus + 3
Armor Check Penalty (-4)
Weight 35 lbs

Warpriets’s Kit
Candle Lamp
Candle Stick x10
Signal Horn
Soap x5
Tent, Medium

Weapon Focus (“Walking Stick”)
Improved Initiative

Special Abilities
Magic Stone once a day
Agile Feet
Luck Presence

Campaign Traits
Student of Faith
Cast all cure spells at +1 caster level & +1 trait bonus to save DC on channel energy
+1 trait bonus on Fortitude Saves

Travel, Luck


Buddy’s Journal

My first memory being on this plane was waking up inside of a dark grotto. It must have rained the night before and it was not even sunrise yet. I could not explain it then but I felt disorientated from the sensory overload I was feeling. The sound of the birds chirping announcing early morning, the color of the shrubs and the trees outside the entrance to the cave, the smell of wet grass in the air, and the feeling of the gravel beneath my being. It was so much and at the time, it was experiencing everything for the first time. I didn’t want to leave that cave, something was telling me to stay and hide. I did not know it but that was my instincts and it was keeping me alive. I could not tell you how much time had passed, but it was many isolated sunsets and moonrises that occupied my existence. The bright light in the sky had frightened me because when I would look at it, my eyes would ache. At night, the sounds were much different than the day. The animal’s sounds would remind me why leaving would be dangerous. The only time of my day I would look forward to was the twilight hour I now know it is called. The chill in the breeze, the quiet, the dimness of light, and the peace I felt at the mouth of that cave looking out. But, one day my life changed forever, for the better.
A man in a white robe with orange and yellow trimming was in the distance. I had never seen a creature like this. He made noises and sounds I haven’t heard yet. I kept looking and watching him. He was walking by the cave with a very large piece of tree alongside of him. I stepped out of my den for a closer look. As I approached closer, I made my presence known without meaning to. The man looked at me and stopped in his tracks. I saw him hunch closer to me as if to get a better look. He was about 20 yards from me. I was hiding behind a boulder. I wanted to run back but I believe at the time I was too scared and curious to move. He took a step closer and kept looking at me. He took baby steps towards me until he was around 10 feet away from me. He looked at me and I looked at him. He smiles and says to me “Hi there. Can you understand me?” At the time I did not know Common but the tone of his voice soothed me. It was a sound that was much better than the morning coo of a dove. He asked again, “You don’t know what I am saying huh? I guess I’ll try to communicate to you the best I can.” He put his hand on his chest and stood up straight. He announced “I am John. John Doe. John.” He then pointed at me and waited there. I did not know at the time how to respond. He looked a little annoyed and tried it again. He looks at me and took a deep breathe “Come on buddy work with me. I. AM. JOHN.” For some reason, I cannot even explain to this day, that word “buddy” stuck. I responded to him “Buddy.” He looked at me and smiled. He put his hand on his chest “John.” Then held out his hand. I put my hand on his and he smiled. With that smile, he looked at me and named me “Buddy”
For the first few moments of meeting with this man, he took out some food and handed it to me. Using obvious “lead by example” he motioned to eat it. It was just some jerky, but to me, it was the best tasting food I have ever eaten. He smiled to see my excitement. He then took my hand and hand me touch the robe. It felt so soft, softer than any leaf I have ever felt. He took out a book and opened to reveal pictures he drew, the words he wrote, and the color he added to the book. I was in awe of this thing made of really thin material. From there, he became my personal tutor of the world. He stayed with me in the cave during his time with me. I would fall asleep before he would and he would wake up before me. To this day, I still do not know how he did it. I first learned to speak common, but rather quickly John pointed out. It only took me a week to start speaking full sentences and keeping up with a conversation. Reading became almost effortless after that. He then told me grand stories of adventure he had. We would spend countless hours talking about his many adventures and experiences. To far off countries, lands, and the people he met. He cataloged everything in his journal. He told me that every good adventurer keeps a well-maintained journal. He described vast cities, small villages, and underground caverns. Described Orcs, Elves, Gnomes, and Drow. He explained to me that each race has its own customs, religion, and even speak. I asked him what he was as in what race, he replied with “Oh, a little of everything I guess you could say.” I replied with, “Do you know what am I?”
He smiled, “Yes, I do.”
“Really? What am I?”
“A great adventurer one day. Maybe even better than I.”
I looked at him with discontent, “Please what kind of race am I?”
He looked at me and with a sigh he answered, “You are what the humans call an Oread.”
“An Oread? What is that?”
He explained in great detail, “Oreads are humans whose ancestry includes the touch of an elemental being of earth somewhere along the line, often that of a shaitan genie. They remain a mystery to most of the world thanks to their reclusive nature, but those who seek them out in their secluded mountain hideaways find oreads to be quiet, dependable, and protective of their friends. Adult oreads have a well-deserved reputation among other races for being hermits and loners. They dislike leaving their homes and don’t handle the shock of new experiences well.”
I looked down at my body and thought upon my personality. That was pretty accurate. I peered at him with curiosity and excitement. “There are more like me? I’M NOT ALONE?! I must meet them! This is great. I thought I was alone in this type of existence.”
John smiles at me, “No you are not alone. And you won’t be alone again, do you know why?”
“Because you will always have me as a friend. I’ll make sure to always try to keep in contact with you.”
“Wait. Why would you say that? Do you have to leave?”
“I am sorry Buddy. I have to go. I have to go on some more adventures, but I do promise to keep in touch. Also, I will come back here when I am done. I will even leave some books behind for you to study from. I have a fascinating text on the anatomy of all races. Just don’t ask too much on how I got it.”
“Okay, well, when do you have to leave?”
“Tonight! You couldn’t tell me sooner? I understand that you have to go, but this soon?”
“Yes I am afraid. I can feel the calling back to the road. But please do not fret too much my friend. I will return. This I do promise.”
“Okay. Well, I guess if that is what you need to do.”
“You are always too smart and understanding.” He gets up and motioned toward his things along the wall. He went through his bag and pulled out a few books to place on the ground. Picks up his bag and that piece of tree laying on the ground behind it that I totally forgot about. I quickly asked him, “John, what is that piece of tree you carry with you and why?” He looks back at me and looks at it, “Oh, this? Well, it is my walking stick. It keeps my balance and keeps me company. Every good adventurer needs a good walking stick.” I nodded. Before he left I stopped him one last time, “Wait, could you stay until I at least fall asleep? Please?” John smiled leaned up against the cave wall and slid down. He sat and motioned for me to go to sleep. I turned over and closed my eyes. As I awoke the next morning, he was gone with the only thing left of him were the books he left me.
As time went on I practiced my reading, speech, and writing. I read the detective book that taught me how to see when people are trying to deceive you or telling the truth. At one point, I was pointing out who the murderer was before even the investigator announced it. I then found the text book on the anatomy of creatures. It was very poorly written with constant grammar and spelling errors. Along with words I never understood entirely. I noted which words so when John did come back I would be able to ask him. And then there was this book that really got me exploring. It happened to be a herbology book on plants and how to recognize them. I immediately got up and started to walking around my home. I saw the plants that were described in detail. I had learned the hard way to what plants to eat and which ones to avoid. This book went further and explained what would happen if you digested them. Which I could have been an expert on the severity of some. I found myself actually writing my own notes as went along with the description of it. A few weeks later, John did return. I was amazed he came back because I did have some doubt he would not return. And this time, he had even more stories to tell. But this conversation was even more enthralling because I got to tell him what I experienced. I told him about exploring around the grounds at the plants, the studying of the difficult words of that anatomy book, and figuring out who murdered the innkeeper’s son before even the protagonist did. He smiled bigger than I had ever seen him before. He told me he was proud of me and could not wait for the day that I go on my own adventure. “You’re going to be a great adventurer one day.” Smiling as he reached in his bag and pulled out a small notebook, “And every great adventurer needs to be able to keep track of all of the great roads.” I looked down at it and opened it. It was blank. At first, I was confused, “Does this mean I need to leave my cave?”
He flinched back almost confused, “Well yeah. You can’t stay here and have an adventure. You need to go on the open road and see the world.”
“But, I don’t feel I am ready. I just want to stay home and be safe. With you. Let you go out and tell me about it.”
“That’s not as good as the real thing though. Haven’t you learned that by now? All those things I saw first hand. Don’t you want that?”
“Yes. And no. I like my cave. It is my safe zone. Animals don’t come near it and I have food nearby all the time.”
“Buddy, you can’t stay here. I did not teach you these things just for you to stay holed up in this moist cavern. I taught you those things so you could go on your own adventures and for one day we be able to meet up again and discuss about them.”
“Well, I don’t want to!”
He stormed off into the lining of the forest trees. I was so frustrated with him. I felt as if he was just using me for his own gain. How would he know I would be a great adventurer? He would just want to use my own tales for his own profit! I did not sleep at all that night.The next morning I woke up to a sound of a hawk. I looked around and saw one perched on a rock next the cave mouth. It had something on it’s leg. I went up to the bird cautiously but it did not try to fly away. It was actually quite friendly in fact. I grabbed the thing on its leg and opened what looked like a container. Inside said container was a piece of parchment which said:
“Dear Buddy,
I am sorry for the way I acted the other day. It was rude to assume what you wanted. You were in the right to be upset. This bird is trained to come back to me whenever you tell it to. If you would like to contact me I will make sure to keep an eye out for him and hope to hear from you soon. Please forgive me and I will be back soon. The road called to me again.

From John”
I smiled and wrote a note back saying apology accepted and that I will wait for him to return to tell more epics. I put the note in the container and back on the bird. Then with a pat on it’s head I sent it away. As time went on I kept looking at that leather bound boon he had given me. I wasn’t even sure what to write in it. I wouldn’t. Why? I am not going on adventures. I am staying safe in my cave, my home. Several nights went by with no word or sight of John. It had been weeks now and not even a message. I figured I was just paranoid and went back to reading the books. I read them over and over again. At one point I even tried to memorize them. More weeks went by and I could not sleep with no word from him.
One night as I laid to sleep, I thought I saw John with his robe flapping in the distance. But as I looked closer it was not him at all. It looked like a huge butterfly that was glowing. And it was coming right towards me. I was so terrified at such a beautiful sight I must have fainted. And then I dreamed that same butterfly gliding down towards me as I laid in soft grass. But now, it was terrifying but comforting. Then a voice was not heard with my ears, but inside my mind. I could feel it echo and fill my head, “Hello sweet rock child. You have been worried about your dear mentor. I know who it is. Do not be afraid I am here as an ally. I am the god Desna. I help those who travel and I bring luck upon those who require it.” The giant insect stops a foot off the ground and then a beautiful elven woman took it’s place. I had never needed a use the word beautiful but this woman was the very definition. She had butterfly wings containing all the beauty of a clear night sky. She had dark hair, silvery eyes, and a coy but distant smile, wearing diaphanous gowns and accompanied by a swarm of butterflies. I finally got the courage to use my voice, “If you are a god, how am I speaking to you? I was told only ones who could speak Celestial could converse with the gods?”
She smiled, “You are a smart one. Yes you are correct. But I have given you this gift to speak to my kind and some other talents as well. Your friend is missing from my view.”
I responded with, “Missing? Your view? I don’t quite understand. And talents? Please explain in better detail.”
“Your friend ‘John’ has entered a place I cannot see him in. I keep a close eye on him because he is a being of interest to me and he is very kind to my followers. And I fear for his safety. I cannot even contact my followers close to where he disappeared and the ones who I could are too far away to help. But you are just close enough to contact and be close to where he disappeared. I have given you the gift of one of my champions. If you will follow me, I will lead you to adventure and your friend. All you must do is keep me close to your heart and keep the road beneath your feet.”
“But I am not strong enough to do this. I fear to even leave this dank dark hole. How could I get the courage to do this task?”
“Because deep down, you do want to leave, you do want adventure, and you do want to save your friend from peril. Isn’t that a great story to keep track of in the journal he gave you?”
I started to agree with her, and with each passing moment I felt inner strength I have never felt before. And it felt amazing. She continued, “Now go, I will guide for the direction to go, but the rest will be upon you to blaze that trail. And don’t forget, all great adventurers are not without a good ‘walking stick’” She smiled and I awoke to me sitting straight up and it being morning. I looked around and saw nothing. I laughed and figured that it was just some crazy dream. But then, out of the corner of the opening I saw a white piece of fabric just passing the entrance to the cave. I went around the corner and I saw a white robe with black trimming. It had a great big purple, black, and blue star in the middle of its chest. Alongside of it was a bag of gold, plenty to be able to purchase anything I needed. Then a bright blue butterfly landed on the robe and stayed there for only a moment. Then it fluttered up towards a swarm of similar butterflies circling above me. I had a feeling I knew who it was. So I put on the robe, grabbed the gold, and walked a direction. Then the butterflies swarmed me and flew off in a different direction then I was heading. So I turned to face them and went on my way. I went searching for a walking stick while traveling. Some were great pieces of tree and branches but they were just not a walking stick. I started to fear that I would not find one after all. Along the way, I came upon a run down old farm yard. I looked around to see if I could find anyone or anything of use to me. And that is when I found it. Inside the barn next to some tools, was my walking stick.


Family Adventures with GM Brent brenthberry